Rob Corless, Scientific Director at ORCCA

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Maple Transactions

I am the Editor-in-Chief for Maple Transactions , a new open-access scholarly journal. The purpose of Maple Transactions is to disseminate excellent expositions on topics of interest to the Maple community. There are no page charges, and you need not use Maple to be published in this journal.

My current obsession: Bohemian Matrices

The Bohemian Calendar 2022 is out! Licensed under CC-by-SA 4.0. See for more information about Bohemian matrices.

Research Interests

I have three major overlapping research areas: computational dynamical systems, computational algebra, and computational special functions, each of which is used in scientific and engineering applications. My main overall concern is for the fidelity and reliability of these algorithms in actual applications. The main approach that I use is Computer-Mediated Thinking or Computational Discovery, or Computational Epistemology. That link goes to a paper describing that idea in a teaching context, but it is a much broader idea, namely that the combination of human plus computer, especially equipped with thin slices of Artificial Intelligence, can be better than the human alone.

My academic CV as of December 4, 2021 My Google Scholar profile My YouTube Channel

My channel includes some talks, and some course videos. I'm still learning, but making the videos is quite fun! There will be more.

My computational discovery and epistemology home: The Rotman Institute of Philosophy My computer algebra research group: The Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra [My LinkedIn Profile]( ACM says "Kudos" are important. Are they? Here is one of my papers, "kudo-ized." I suspect this fad will fade away.


  1. Maple in Mathematics Education and Research an edited 2021 volume containing selected papers from the Maple Conference 2020 . Videos of talks still available at that link.
  2. Algorithms and Complexity in Mathematics, Epistemology and Science (ACMES) An edited 2019 volume containing papers from the Computational Discovery/Computational Epistemology conferences
  3. Nic Fillion and I wrote “A Graduate Introduction to Numerical Methods, From the Viewpoint of Backward Error Analysis” together for 2013. Here are some excerpts from reviews of the book
  4. Essential Maple 2nd edition, 2002, foolishly entitled "Essential Maple 7".

Code Repositories for Books and Papers

  1. Perturbation Methods in Maple from the ACMES book listed above
  2. Nic Fillion's code repository for "A Graduate Introduction to Numerical Methods, From the Viewpoint of Backward Error Analysis"

Maple Documents and Workbooks and Worksheets and PDFs from talks

A free Maple Player which can read these items is available at Mapleplayer .
  1. Computational Discovery with Newton Fractals, Bohemian Matrices, & Mandelbrot Polynomials (for ATCM)
  2. Hybrid symbolic-numeric methods for Bohemian matrices
  3. Mathieu Functions: A Historical Perspective
  4. Blends in Maple from the Maple Conference 2020
  5. The Functional Inverse of Gamma from a number of places
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